Do You Want to be a Tarot Reader?

Do You Want to be a Tarot Reader?

You might be someone that has watched tarot readers on television or in the movies and you think that a tarot reading looks like something that will be easy. There are just a few cards, and you think that the meaning will be easy.

Before you decide if you are going to be a tarot reader, then you need to understand the basic concepts of the cards.

Steps to Being a Tarot Reader

If you want to be a tarot reader, here are some steps that you can follow, and you will be an expert in no time.


Find the right tarot deck for you. You will know if the deck is right for you by your intuition. Watch videos on the different kinds of decks.

Once you understand the basics of the cards, you can know that you have the knowledge and then you just need the cards. Once you purchase a set, talk to the cards, and let them talk to you.


The second thing that you should do is to shuffle the deck every time you can. Do this when you are watching television or when you are sitting around. If you watch something that is asking a question on television, put cards down and see what they tell you.

The cards might not make sense to you at first but don’t worry about it, it will come to you. Don’t worry if you don’t feel that things make sense right now, just read the cards and see what happens.

When you learn cartomancy, you can understand that this is part of fortune telling and so are tarot cards. You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Know the Cards

You need to have some knowledge of the cards. Learn the language of the cards and how they are associated. Know what the cards mean. When you lay a card down, let whatever you are thinking be your answer.

No matter what thought comes to your mind, no matter how crazy it seems, go with it. If you are in Tarot and you see a knight laying down with a sword in his back, what does that make you feel?

Looking at the cards might help you relate what it means to you. Maybe you don’t know what it means but you will remember that the person looks like they lost the battle. Think about this and see if you can relate to the card.

Think about a time when you feel but you got up again and learn to connect with it.

Explore Yourself

Take time to explore yourself. Your cards don’t have emotions. They will not judge you or put you down. You can expand your feelings of the cards when you get to know them.

Look at the book that came with the cards and figure out what they mean. Each of the cards have a language and they will give you the right answers.


Never doubt whatever you do in the reading. You will be amazed at yourself at how good you get on your readings. Never doubt a thought that comes to you either.

Take Changes

Experiment. Shuffle the cards different ways. Do whatever you want with the cards, take them places, talk to them, make a holder for them. Form a relationship with your cards.

Get away from the written rules and make your own rules. There is no tarot ruler that will come to you and tell you that you are doing something wrong. Follow your own rules and find out what the cards are saying to you personally.