Developing Clairaudience


Clairaudience, literally “clear hearing,” is a way for us to communicate with departed loved ones, angels, spirit guides and our own soul (our higher self). It’s a telepathic system of messaging, like using a telephone but without needing to pick it up. Through our psychic sense of hearing, we are able to receive guidance and have back-and-forth communication at the spiritual level and with beings in the spiritual realm.

But how can you be certain that you are connecting with that realm? How can you be sure that it isn’t just all going on in your own head? It’s common for people to have doubts about their clairaudience, because they expect the gift to be much more flashy and dramatic than it really is. Clairaudient experiences tend to be very subtle in reality.

When an instrument isn’t fine-tuned, most people can’t tell. But trained musicians certainly can. Their ears have been sensitized, so they’re able to detect even the most subtle distinctions in tones.

Developing clairaudience is very much like learning how to tune an instrument by ear. With an awareness of what you should be listening for, plus lots of patience and practice, you will be able to have clairaudient experiences yourself. And having them can be pretty amazing!

Distinguishing between your logical mind and clairaudient communication is not very difficult. Clairaudient experiences manifest in different ways from your logical mind. They commonly sound like your own voice sounds to you, like when you think or when you silently read to yourself. The information and messages are usually heard internally, though on occasion they can be heard externally.

Since love is the primary spirit energy, clairaudience is always intended for your own best and highest good. You would never be told to harm someone or seek revenge via a clairaudient communication. Nor would such a communication compromise your free will. You could certainly ask for and receive guidance, but you won’t ever be forced to do something. The choices will always remain yours.

Clairaudience often feels like thoughts or auditory impressions just pop into your head. Clairaudient experiences can be just that subtle! And they can be very brief, especially when you’re just beginning to develop your abilities. As you practice, you’ll be able to retain longer communications with the spiritual realm.

With practice, you may hear things like phrases or names. Usually you’ll hear them in your own voice, but sometimes you’ll hear voices of other spirits. Later, you may even obtain messages containing more significant amounts of information, like complex thoughts or complete paragraphs.

It’s possible to learn how to use clairaudience in your everyday life, to navigate through your day. You may be helped with things like decision-making and setting priorities, or just in living a joyful life. Some mediums rely on their clairaudience as often as they rely on their five physical senses.

You don’t have to be a medium or a psychic to experience clairaudience. Everybody has intuition, and everybody has access to guidance from the spiritual realm.

Some people report that they’ve been kept from harm because they experienced a clairaudient warning. Others claim that they’ve heard specific words upon meeting certain people, indicating that a relationship would begin and be successful.

Such experiences really do happen! When they happen for you, it may be easy for you to know that you experienced intuition or spiritual intervention because of the way the message appeared – clearly, suddenly, and a bit louder than your thinking usually is.

Hopefully you’re excited and inspired to begin developing your own wonderful intuitive gift of clairaudience!

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