Closing Your Third Eye

Closing Your Third Eye

Closing Your Third EyeWhen you have negative experiences, you might not sleep well, you might have a lot of anger, stress and anxiety and things might not go very smoothly.

If you want to sleep better and be a better person overall, you have to learn about your Third Eye and what might be causing you to have these feelings.

People from different parts of the world will do different practices in order to make themselves feel better.  They will be aware of what is going on around them and they will see that different cultures encourage them to do things that may not seem normal.

Most people will want to prepare themselves for betterment and that means that they will want to learn what other cultures do and see if they can follow suit.

Even from an early age, some philosophers have talked about how even a toddler can sense things deeply and can understand the meaning of life and spirituality.  They seem to have a deeper connection with the universe and be able to connect in a different way than some people can.  But the different cultures will fill people with different values.

Sometimes when the culture has different values, the connection with the spiritual world will be harder to achieve and the body and the mind will not be in sync with each other.  When there is negativity in your life, you have to learn to protect yourself and to have a better life.

When the negativity of the world surrounds you, it can cause you to be unbalanced and to be sick.  You have to get rid of this situation and learn to have a normal and carefree life.

Some people will need to close their Third Eye in order to have peace because these people are overly emotional and have too much connection with energies.  Here are some ways to close your Third Eye:

  • Let the energy flow inside of you and it will be an indigo energy color.
  • Imagine the energy going into the ground and entering into the Earth’s energy.
  • Let the spirit guide to help you.
  • Get rid of different spiritual practices.
  • Do not expose yourself to electronics.

Mind Sessions

The mind is important and is a way to shut down the Third Eye, fast.  If you have been given the gift of clairvoyance, you will have a clear seeing of things around you and the mind will always be giving your different thoughts and pictures.

You might find that during the day that your mind is never stopping and that you are in a state where you are always getting pictures in your subconscious energy field.  These images are always being planted in your mind.

Knowledge is powerful and it can be attracting to someone that has high energy frequencies.

During certain times of the day, the mind will increase the mind and will give you stronger images and will leave you in a dream state at night where your senses never rest.  You will always feel that you are subconsciously connected to different energies and your conscious mind is never at rest.

Stopping the Energies

When you imagine that your shutting down your Third Eye, close your eyes and pay attention to that and not what is happening in the room around you.  Keep your eyes closed so that you can concentrate on your spiritual guide.

Try to imagine a picture in your head or an object that has a meaning like a cup or a pen.  Do this for around five minutes so you can warm up your mental images.

When you warm up your mind, start by taking away the mental picture and make the image appear before you.

See the Third Eye that is located between your eyes and above your forehead and imagine it going over the universe.  Start to see it close and as it does, the light will become dimmer.

Be persistent in this until your Third Eye is closed.

Earth’s Energy Field

Now, you have to imagine your Third Eye and let it ground itself.  Take off your socks and shoes and sit comfortably or lay on the ground.

Picture roots coming out of the ground and going inside of your body.  Make sure that you have your senses grounded and you are open to this. Doing this outdoors can be the best way to achieve it.

Spiritual Guides

Allow your spiritual guide to help you because closing your Third Eye can be a big test.  Most of the time you will get power from your angels when you they are close to you.

Your spirit guide will help you to make good decisions and will help you to get rid of your negativity and allow you to have a positive impact on people around you.

When you close your Third Eye, you might have a hard time hearing from your Spiritual guides but always just pray and send messages to them from your heart and they will answer you.

Spiritual Practices

When you close your Third Eye, you are withdrawing form the conscious mind.  When you close it, you need to stop meditating and doing yoga for a while because it will open your Third Eye back up.


When we are always on our electronics, it can open up the Ajna chakra.  This happens because there is so much information in the world wide web and in electronics that we can find ourselves being drained and not having the energy that we need.

We need to limit this information and the negativity that can come with it.  By praying and imagining a better life, you can continue on your journey in life without being overly stressed and aggravated.