Clearing Your Karma with Angel Messages

Clearing Your Karma with Angel Messages

Most people do not really understand karma and they think it is just some bad thing. The truth about karma is that it is something that happens because of something else or it is a cause and effect situation.

Karma is a word from the Sanskrit language that means actions effect the future. This is something that many people know the word for, but they do not really know what it means.

What is Karma

Karma is something that you send out to the universe and it comes back to you. This can be as small as a negative comment that you have made and then it will determine what happens to you both directly and even indirectly.

You are in control of what you say and do and so you have the power to decide what kind of karma will come back to you and what you are manifesting.

One thing that karma does not explain is the time limit it has. There is no limit as to when bad karma will come back to you. Some people are impacted now for something bad that they did while others do not experience the actions of their karma until they reach a new life or before they go through their awakening.

You can cleanse your karma, and this can help you.

What is Karma Cleansing?

Karma cleansing is not just saying you are sorry for what you have done but it is going to a place inside of you and asking the universe for forgiveness. You can do this, and it can get rid of negative karma and negative energy that you have manifested to yourself.

Doing this can also stop the cycle of more negative karma coming to you and it can create blessings for your life and your future.

In order to cleanse your karma, you have to connect with the spirit world, and you have to ask the Counsels of Light to forgive you and protect you.

Karma Meditation

Take time each day to stop and listen and relax. That is what meditation is. By doing this, you can be healed, and you can cleanse your life of bad karma. You can reach into the spirit world and you can take care of your mind, body, and soul.

When you stop to relax and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you, you can get rid of negative karma and clear things such as unhealthy attachments or darkness out of your life.

Karmic healing has been around for all time and it is the Divine Will of the universe that you reach your highest good.

Listen and connect with the energy and experience the process of letting go of negative things in your life. This can help you to cut karmic ties that are causing you pain.

The Angel Message is a meditation that is guided and will lead you into your healing. It is something that you can find online, and it is a recording that can help to open up your heart chakra and allow healing and energy to reach you.

By connecting with this message, you will release yourself from negative karma and you will be cleansed and cleared. Your energy will be stronger, and you will be a better person.

This message will help you to open up your chakras and to bring light into your being. It will show you how to balance and heal your energy and to accept the love that is all around you.

With this message, you will connect with your spiritual self and you will be blessed and healed, and you will see your life change.

Negative Karma and Angels

You can also reach out to your angels to help you clear your energy and your karmic problems. You are dear to the angels and they want you to have confidence and to be happy and have love in your life.

When you connect with your angels, it will be an experience that helps to make your spirit and your emotions stronger. This can be challenging because you have to let go of yourself and you have to release the pain from the past.


Angels are there to help you because it is part of your birthright. When you connect with your spiritual source, you are reaching out to the divine and feeling the energy that they connect to you with. This can make you more open to healing and other blessings and help you to find unconditional love.

You will notice light when your clearing is coming, and you need to let this light in. Open up all of your chakras and start with your crown chakra and see if you feel tingling there. Relax and let the light flow completely through your body while you release negative feelings, thoughts and emotions that are trapped inside of you.

These will be washed away with the light and you will restore your joy and love. See if you all of a sudden feel extreme joy and creativity.

Opening your heart and your soul will help to calm you and will lift you to the angels as they surround you with light.

Wrapped in Love

You will see that you are being wrapped in love. You will get rid of your earthly attachments that have trapped you and you will let go of energy attachments that keep reminding you of negative things and pain in your life.

You can also get rid of spirits that have bothered you that have not yet passed over to the other side. Because you are a spirit, the bright light that will be laid on you might be mistaken as their light and they might have attached on to you at some point to be comforted.

This is not good for you or for them and with this clearing you can cleanse yourself and them of these attachments.

Know that your angels are all around you and surround you with light. This light will get rid of any attachments in your body or your spirit.

Release with Light

You are able now to release these things. Return to your spirit so that you can continue on your journey. Look for people in your life that are welcoming you back to the universe and let them welcome you with open arms.

Look up into the light and see the angels cutting cords that have been causing you pain. These are energetic attachments that have followed you for a time.

Have you ever noticed that when you talk to someone it leaves you drained and feeling exhausted? This person has attached an energy cord to you. These are energy vampires and sometimes they don’t even mean to harm you, but they do.

The universe is full of energy and when you have energy and someone takes it, it will take away your peace and happiness.

Surround yourself with light and ask your angel Rafael to pull out any cords that are not working for you. This might make you feel tense and strange at first but just relax and Michael will cut the strings.

Once they are cut the energy is now just yours and you need to purify this energy.

The rest of the cords can be broken by pouring light down and clearing away any negative feelings or emotions and wrapping yourself in light. When the cords are gone you can easily open up your heart and feel better.

Let your energy flow and feel loved. Feel connected and feel happy. This is part of the law of cause and effect and now you are bringing goodness to your life.

Bad Karma

When your angels are with you and protecting you, you can ask Rafael to pull karmic cords that are bad for you. Michael will cut them down with his sword.

All of the cords that will not help you can be cut immediately, and this is the bad karma that has caused bad things to happen to you.

Do not worry and let the spiritual light wrap around you and make you creative and cleansed. The dark energy is gone.

You may or may not feel this but when the cords have been cut you will see that your life is more loving and that the energy flow has taken away any negative feelings that are not good for you. Once you release these things, imagine that there is a door that is full of light in front of you.

This door will help you to ascend and to become a better person. Go through the door and let the light fill you and help you reach your connected source.

This door is a step forward and the angels will be there to see your soul moving towards your purpose.

You are entering into a place full of light and once you go through this door, use the elevator to go up and take you to where there are more lights. This is where your chakras are and your higher self and where you can connect with the spirit source.

Breathe in and out and let the light enter into your body and let your spirit become stronger. This can bring you healing and joy.

Make your connection and let the light come back to you. Increase your mental, physical, and emotional state.

You will see your intentions and be able to clear out anything negative. Ask your guides to show you if anything else needs to be released or if anything is holding you back. Look into the spirit world and do not be afraid or scared. Believe that this is on your behalf and that your loved ones are helping you to get rid of bad karma and to be in a better place.

This is the time where you can find your life purpose and mission and you can let the power envelop you and let it in you. Let the light return to you and ask your guides to help you to let go of anything that no longer serves you and any belief that has held you back.

No matter what pops into your mind, identify it and let it go. Where did these thoughts come from? Try to find out where they started and what the source of that belief was. Let it be centered in light and let the energy fill you.

You are finished and you will now have peace. Your vibrations will increase, and you will be a better person. You can hear these messages right from the spirit world when you allow your energy to flow throughout your life and your body. Be free.

Enter the spirit world and get your power back. Let the light bring you in and see your energy flowing all through your body. Relax and see that you are one with your energy and that it is there to help you.

Feel the light enter you and know the universe is there to help you be open and balanced. Let the energy restore all that has been blocked inside of you. Now open your eyes and see where you are. Know that healing has come to you.

Carry the light with you and share the light with others. Give goodness to others and serve others. Be kind and compassionate and loving.

Let the angels teach you who you are meant to be and be at peace in your life.