Clairvoyance and Psychic Gifts

Clairvoyance and Psychic Gifts

We all know the difference some of us were born to be different! Some were born with the right genetic features, so they ended up physically solid and strong, while others not! However, if we work on improving and developing our muscles, we will definitely acquire this strong body without a need to this strong DNA! So, we can upgrade to a higher quality DNA by practice! The same process can happen with improving a specific power or sense we have.

But even with so much training and practice, both will never be equal! However, every effort made at self-improvement counts! Also, if the genetically strong man ignored and neglected his strong muscles, he may end up with a weak body’s structure!

The point is, even individuals who were born with such great powers and features still need to practice keeping their powers and improve it.

Clairvoyance is a natural power

The same applies to Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a natural power which a very few individuals were born with. We can call it a “gift”, and in order to maintain that gift and improve it further, we need to work on developing it. A few were gifted with Clairvoyance power. Clairvoyance is ability like any other ability which can be developed through continuous training and development programs. All of us have the potential to become more than we are, provided that we work more on our abilities and gifts.

What is the next step?

The next step counts on our full understanding for the idea that we are not “finished products”, and that we still the potential to produce more. Our current human status required billions of years of tiny improvements starting with the primitive human all the way to the current human model with all the progress and development.

From my point of view, human evolution has nothing to do with Intelligent Design! If we were developed from Adam and Eve models, we would not have been suffering from all apparent imperfection, diseases, birth defect, aging, and all the complexities throughout the human history. This is the reality of Biblical Myth which we deal with as a matter of fact.

The relation between myth and human’s imagination

To my thinking, people used their imagination instead of science in the pre-scientific age. They have turned their thoughts and images into myths, in a try to explain the world around them to their best knowledge. In today’s world of technology and computer systems, the best synonym for (word) should be (program). People used a long sequences of words to build a sentences and to eventually come up with a story or a myth. But in today’s world, we used a long sequences of steps to build a computer software program.

The same happens with the old expression (Intelligent Design) and the new expressions (Big Bang) & (Darwinian evolution). The Big Bang continues to expand through (Cosmic Inflation) to give us the (Outer World). On the other hand, the intelligent design guides us and give us the meaning of (Darwinian evolution) which applies to the (Inner World).

In this world, we have a series of tiny errors and fails and few successes which formed a long chain of steps and only a few managed to survive and adapt in such a challenging and ever-changing environment unlike the myth of intelligent design and instant error-free creatures as told in myth of (Garden of Eden). Every step was a slow building and progress of another attempt to survive within this harsh world.

Today’s human being was different billions of years ago, all this failure and attempts of survivals have resulted in very developed and complex physical DNA. It also affected our nonphysical astral, mental, causal, and comprehensive spiritual being.

How to gain CLARITY

When I started to work on Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment, I used the expression (clear seeing) to replace the standard definition of Clairvoyance. Thinking about what I have read about well-known clairvoyants over 70 years, in addition to paranormal studies and personal practice, I came up with one important fact which is (in order to gain clarity, you have to gain purity first) and such PURITY requires a vegetarian diet and total sexual abstinence and focus more on your spiritual and mental powers.

With more and more thinking and meditation, I concluded that only 5 basic elements of our present life that forms and clouds our Clairvoyance ability, and carefully following a meditation and visualization program would purify the energetic influences on our subtle body and energy system. It can be counted on intentional clarification to bring CLARITY needed for clear clairvoyance which gives clear seeing of the aura, future events, distant actions, and accordingly enable a person to react much more intelligently using his or her honest and clear insights.

What is ancient Tantric Science and how can it be used to build a Complete Program of Psychic Clarification

The Hindu Tantric practices “Tattvas” was the greatest contribution from the eastern world to western esotericism. Tattvas was integrated into the magical practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the eighteen century.

What is Tantric Science (Tattvas)? Tattvas are the five elements are the Energy Patterns which are manifested behind the physical Universe and non-physical Cosmos. They are everywhere, beneath your consciousness in body and mind and throughout the Cosmos.

We live in two simultaneous worlds. The outer and inner worlds functioning as a “a matrix”. These two world are usually synchronous with each other; however, the two worlds start to get disharmonious when we engage in self-destructive behaviors, irrational decisions, and social and civil conflict. But, whenever we start to awaken and practice Tattva Connection through meditation and visualization, the two worlds start to synchronize again, and an open path starts towards to psychic, mental, and spiritual development.

And through meditation and visualization development, your Clairvoyance powers will become clearer at both astral and mental levels through the technique known as “Tattva Connection” which will cause purification and harmonization between the two worlds, and you will know that “Tattva technique) is the fastest method to develop and enhance your clairvoyance.