Clairvoyance – Art of Using Your Imagination


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You can probably see a miracle from where you’re sitting at right now without exerting too much effort. At first you wouldn’t notice it, and then you look again and finally see it clearly, amazed: the brilliant color of the sky, or the way the sunlight glows on the building in front of you. It’s so stunning, a one of a kind moment.

If you’re fast, you can capture the moment with the camera on your phone, and then share that photo online with anyone you like. The whole action might take you 5 minutes to complete. The technology available to you made this all possible, everything, that is, except for the Looking and Seeing parts. You had to do that all by yourself.

The technology that makes it possible for you to read this article on that same phone, was unheard of a few decades ago. It’s another miracle, one of so very many available in the 21st century. Many people on this planet now have the capacity to create and communicate using simple tools that seemed impossible years ago. Each of us can create a whole world using this technology. All it takes is the ability to imagine, to visualize, to dream. This is clairvoyance in action.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see, and also to visualize.

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You have this ability within you, and you can unlock it and use it to create your life. It becomes a lot more fun to see, once you decide to have your clairvoyance for yourself.

Clairvoyance is not just for solving problems, or to see what’s going on beneath the surface in a situation, relationship, business deal, or other life issue, though its value in all of this is beyond measure. Clairvoyance is also the ability to create a whole new world and way of being.


Clairvoyance is using your imagination in a wonderful way, to create your dream world. If you can see it, you can create it.

As a child, you learned how to imagine your own world, and that skill will help you here. Rather than accept someone else’s ‘reality’ without question, you get to imagine the kind of world you’d like to live in. The world you live in now was imagined into being, and then advertised into reality with images and words.

Don’t ever discount the power of a picture. Every smart marketer knows how to use them to advantage. Clairvoyance gives you an advantage too.

Every modern miraculous creation began as someone’s vision. Somebody, somewhere, imagined something that became what you listen to music with, or read books with, communicate with, and so on. Not to mention fashion, music, art, films, and other creative results of imagination, all brought into being by people seeing, dreaming, and creating.

Imagination is the key to inventing miracles, within yourself as well as in the world.

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Dreams can become reality. What are you imagining for yourself today? What do you want for the world you live in? Don’t be afraid to dream big, and never allow the limits of someone else’s imagination squash yours.

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  -Robert Kennedy

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  -George Bernard Shaw