Clairaudience: Ability to Channel

Clairaudience: Ability to Channel

For most people who think of psychics, they think first of clairvoyance. While some psychics are clairvoyant, people tend to forget that there are other forms of psychic powers. Some may be empathic, some clairsentient, and some have clairaudience.

Some who is clairaudient receives psychic information mainly through their inner or outer hearing in such a way that others cannot hear it. This is in the absence of mental illness. Real guides or angels will not order us to do anything, nor suggest things that are harmful to the self or others. We will always have free will.

Am I Clairaudient?

Though most people are aware if they are clairaudient, there are some key identifiers that can point to this being an area you are strong in. These include:

  • Finding it easy to identify voices of those you know
  • Enjoying music and listening as much as possible
  • Remembering things better when someone reads them or speaks them out loud
  • Being sensitive to sounds others tend to ignore
  • Receiving ideas that seem to be from voices in your head

If these things do not describe you or you struggle to listen to that inside voice, then there are ways to develop a better capacity for clairaudience. Try the following exercise:

  • Sit or lie down in a place that is quiet and undisturbed.
  • Close your eyes or wear a blindfold.
  • Pay attention to all the sounds you can hear and try to identify them.
  • Keep focused and listen deeply as you notice sounds you didn’t before.

To move this into the psychic world from tuning into physical sounds, it is only one more step. Start tuning into the soft voice that tends to come from inside, though some will hear a voice outside like someone speaking to them. Focus on this voice and what it is saying. Even if you hear the voice as if outside yourself, it will be when it is not coming from a person in this world.

Who Are the Voices?

These voices are guides, but there can be some deceptive voices that are not who they say. These deceptive voices will ask us to do harm. The voices of true guides or angels will offer information or suggestions, but never try to take free will. All of us have spirit guides in this world, but they are there to help us find the right path. This responsibility is taken seriously by the guides. To be effective, they must find a way for us to receive the message and clairaudience is an easy way to do so.

Some may spend their whole lives oblivious to spirit guides and their messages. This means ignoring the ideas that seem to pop into their minds. Over time, this dulls the senses that perceive the guides. This can lead to a life that is up and down with no real guiding force. Still, those who are even a little sensitive, usually do not have a hard time receiving information through one or more of the psychic channels. It takes being open. Clairaudience is a common channel through which our guides speak to each of us, though they have many to choose from. These can come in many forms, including:

  • Whispering in our ears – These are soft whispers in our ears or ideas that seem to just pop up.
  • Astral voices – This most often comes right before sleep or in a semi-dream state. While we often hear astral noise at this time, we can also hear from our guides as clairaudients. At times a sharp sound, like a gunshot will be heard, but this is nothing to fear, just astral noise.
  • Celestial choirs – Also mostly occurring right before sleep, a celestial choir may be heard and will create a transcendental event. It will be extraordinary. When you awake, you will know you have perceived something unearthly, yet beautiful and perfect.