Being an Old Soul

Old Soul

Are you someone that doesn’t feel like you fit in with people the same age as you? Or do you feel that there are things that you know that you probably shouldn’t? Chances are you might be an old soul.

Being an Old Soul

Being an old soul can mean that you know things beyond your own age. You might have a desire to know things from a certain decade that you weren’t alive during, or you might know things that people your age probably don’t know. Being an old soul can mean that you have probably lived many different lifetimes.

It doesn’t matter how many lifetimes that you have been in though, what matters is if you learned your life lessons along the way. Some old souls are starseeds and have even lived on different planets besides Earth.

Signs of Being an Old Soul

Here are some signs that you might be an old soul:

Feeling Older

If you feel older than your age and you have always felt that way, chances are that you are an old soul. This can mean that you are more mature than other people your age or even that you know more things.

You Like Being Alone

You don’t care about being alone and you feel the most comfortable doing your own things. You like to cook, and you are very creative and so you enjoy doing things you like on your own.

Enjoy Staying In

When it comes time to make a decision to go out with friends or to stay alone, you make the decision to stay home. You like to watch tv or read a book.

Reading and Knowledge

You want to learn more things and you crave getting new information. You love to read, and you take classes as often as you can.

Hate Dating

Chances are that you don’t enjoy dating or short-term relationships.

Very Spiritual

You are a very spiritual and religious person. You like things like tarot cards and yoga.

Want Freedom

Being in a regular job makes you feel trapped, and you enjoy the freedom of doing your own thing. You want to be your own boss.


You have a purpose, and you know that you are important. You feel connected to the world around you, and you feel that your spirit guides are supporting you.

Psychic Gifts

You are full of psychic gifts such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

Giving Back

There are people all around you that have needs such as starving people. You want to make sure that people are taken care of and so you give your time and money to make that happen.

Lifetime Friends

You meet people and you feel like you have known them forever even if you have just met them.


Material things aren’t as important to you as people are. You like to keep your home and your mind decluttered.


Synchronicities and coincidences happen o you often. You always seem to meet the right people.

Reading People

You value truth and you can see past any lies people tell you.

Love of Animals

Animals love you and you love them. Sometimes you think you love animals more than people. Animals seem to be drawn to you.


You ask questions until you get the answers that you want. You drive people crazy with all of the questions that you ask.

Wonder What They Think?

You wonder what people think about you and you care about this. You hope that they think you are great.


Meditation is important to you, and you make it part of your daily habits.


You tend to overthink things and you seem to have an analysis of everything that goes on. You think things over before you act.


Instead of always following the crowd, you seem to be rebellious. You do your own things and follow your own rules.

Love History

History is your favorite subject. You seem to be drawn to different periods of time such as Ancient Egyptian times.

Overly Sensitive

You are considered a Highly Sensitive Person or an HSP. You get information and you are able to absorb it easier than other people.

Controlling Others

Controlling or manipulating things are not something you like.

Fitting In

Even as a child you had a hard time fitting in at school. You never seem to have friends.

Music Moves You

When you listen to music you feel moved, and you feel drawn to it.

Dark Not of the Soul

Spiritual crises have followed you and it has led you to depression at one point or another. You may have even drunk away your problems and had to detox. Now you are awake, and you see that things are moving towards you meeting your twin flames.

You feel that you have questions like wondering why you are here or what your purpose is.

Strong Intuition

Intuition is an important thing for your life. You have gut feelings, and you listen to them and trust yourself.


You are probably someone that is an introvert. This means that you like to spend time alone and you would rather be resting or dancing with yourself instead of hanging out in a group.


You don’t feel like the Earth is your home and you feel like you belong somewhere else.

Love of Nature

Nature is one of your favorite places to be. You enjoy going for walks and you love to garden or to walk barefoot in the dirt.

Life Meaning

The meaning of life has been something that you have been seeking for your whole life.

Coaching Others

When you are with a group of friends, they come to you for advice, and they ask you to coach them.


Forgiveness is important to you, and you try to let go of any hurt or anger that follows you.

Older People

You tend to be attracted to older people and feel that you can understand them more.


You feel wiser than even your parents. You seem to know things for no real reason.

Following Media

You hate things that are fake, and you don’t like to listen to the news or the media, but you want to find your own truth.


You are a great listener and people want to tell you, their problems.

Caring and Compassionate

You are caring and compassionate to others.


Growth is important to you, and you want to increase your life knowledge and experiences.

Spiritual Awakening

Going through your spiritual awakening is important to you or you have already done this.

About the Small Things

Things don’t have to be big for you to be happy. You can watch the sun rise or sit out in the moonlight to have peace.


Love is something that is special to you, and you are a hopeless romantic.


The ego is something that you keep at check, and you don’t let your ego control you.

Extremely Creative

You are someone that always is creating new things and you have a lot of creative ideas and hobbies.

Understanding Yourself

The body and the soul are important to you, and you keep yourself healthy and strong. You understand who you are and what your characteristics are.

Positive and Thankful

You keep your mind positive, and you are thankful for what you have.

Making the World Better

Everything that you do is done so that you can make the world a better place for you.

Vintage Items

Vintage items are your favorite, and you love to go to thrift shops.

Reading This Article

You are reading this article because you think that you might be an old soul. Look at the things above and find out if you might have lived many lifetimes.

Final Thoughts

Old souls are rare, but you might meet them more than you ever imagined. There are many things that you can read that will help you to understand old souls more.  Having an old soul means that you have strong intuition and that the energies that you have are there to help you live your life mansion.

Old souls often suffer and have a hard life because they have a hard time fitting in. If you are an old soul, know that things in the world are not going to be easy and that you can work your best to end suffering, pain, and violence.

Life on earth as an old soul is hard but it is okay to be different. You have a purpose on this earth, and it is to help you to help others. Don’t feel alone and find old soul friends that can help you to reach your mission.