Aura Colors

Aura Colors

Aura colors are the color of the energy field that surrounds you. These colors can reflect your feelings and your emotions. They come anytime in your life, but your colors can change over your lifetime depending on your energy and the vibrational frequencies that you have. The colors are easy to see when you learn to see them, and you relax your mind and be open to it.

The brighter your aura colors are, the stronger you are in your body and in your emotions. These colors have to do with your feelings, intentions, and your energies. When you look at your aura or the aura of others, chances are that you can see halos or images of saints around these people.

Aura Colors

The colors of the aura go from black to white and all colors in between. The colors have to do with your feelings and intentions. Each aura color can mean that you have healing, or you need healing, or you are about to face something in your life.


A red aura can mean that you are connected with your root chakra. This is a meaning of being bold and passionate about something in your life. This color can mean you are adventurous and that you love to be excited and are confident in what you feel.

A cloudy aura can mean you are frustrated, or you have experienced trauma in your life. This can also mean you are stressed or angry and you need to release this out of your life.


Orange is a color that has some red in it and so it can be related to the sacral chakra which is responsible for your creativity, emotions, and your sexuality. This color can mean you are passionate and know what you want in your life and you love to take risks.

The problem with the color orange is that you might be one that is prone to addiction and you are independent so when you are dealing with something you have to deal with it on your own. You probably have a lot of energy if you have an orange aura.


Yellow can mean that you are powerful and that you believe in yourself. This color is associated with the solar plexus chakra found around the navel area. The color yellow can mean you are full of joy and that you are smart. It can also mean you are on your path to awakening.

The color yellow can mean you are positive, have strong friendships, loving and that you attract people to you. You can be stronger when you meditate, and you concentrate on the spirit realm.


The green aura is based with the heart chakra and this means you are loving, kind and caring to others. If your color is green, chances are you are a healer and you are full of peace.

Having a dark green aura though can mean you are jealous, or you have no self-esteem. You might need to meditate or have guided meditation. Journaling can help you to get your energies centered.


Blue auras can mean you can communicate with others or that you are a healer. This can mean you are able to express yourself and you are peaceful and full of positivity.

If you are in a relationship and you are comfortable with other people, you might focus more on them than yourself and you might be clairvoyant.

If you have a lower vibration and a cloudy blue aura, this can mean you need to look deep inside and let go of some of the control you hold on to.


The color indigo is based on the third eye which is located in the forehead. People with this color aura are usually empathetic and are usually attracted to those that have red and orange auras.

People with this color auras are patient and they want to do good and have peace in their lives. They want peace and love over all things, and they are full of integrity. They accept people no matter who they are, and they are busy trying to become their higher beings.


The color violet has to do with the crown chakra, and this is above the head. This is where a person can feel happy and whole and can be someone that dreams big and wants to help others.

A violet aura means that you are open with your feelings and you want to see people healed and strong. This is someone that usually has strong visions and dreams.


The white aura is one that can be the highest vibrational aura with the highest energy. This can also be rainbow in colored.

The white aura means that you face problems with your ego and your self-worth, and you are someone that has a hard time trusting yourself and others.

White auras mean that you are reaching your highest good and that you are pure and forgiving of others. You want to be the best you can be.


No aura is good or bad, but the energies might not be as strong. People with black auras are those that have held on to things such as trauma or addiction and they need to be healed.

When someone has a black aura, they have a blockage in their life, and they need to release this so that they can be stronger. This can be released through meditation or spiritual work or you can seek a healer to help you.

If you have a black aura, you need to let go of things that are hurting you and learn to reach your journey by getting over your blockage.


Do you know what color your aura is? Learn to pay attention to your aura colors and see if you need any kind of healing in your life.