Are You a Clairsentient?

Are You a Clairsentient?

Do you feel very emotional, and you are often drained and tired? If so, you might be a clairsentient. Some people do not know they have this gift, but the truth is, this is a very good and powerful gift.

A clairsentient is someone that is able to feel the emotions and feelings of someone around them. They do not have the same gift as an empath because they are not able to feel the powerful emotions that strongly, but they are able to help them to heal. If someone is depressed and sad, a clairsentient can help them to function better in life.

When you are not aware of your gift, you might find that you are around people that are always draining you and making you tired. This can mean you are clairsentient. You might wonder if any of the gifts that you have mean you are clairsentient or an empath and you can learn more about your gifts and learn to manage the feelings that come with it.

Here are some things that can come with your gifting:

  • Do you feel stressed when you are alone with some people?
  • What makes you feel calm?
  • Do you feel that you need alone time?
  • Do you notice when people are lying?
  • Do you have good and bad days?
  • Can you notice that people look different when they are sick?
  • Do you have physical problems and pains that you can’t explain?
  • Do you have things like depression and trouble being creative?
  • Do you have relationships that make you emotionally unavailable?

How to Understand being a Clairsentient

Here are some symptoms of being a clairsentient:

  • Feeling that you are different since you were small.
  • Feeling that people don’t understand you.
  • Knowing that you get blamed for things that you didn’t do.
  • Feeling responsible for other people and their behaviors.
  • Seeing a pattern in your life.
  • Feeling that you should do something different.
  • Knowing something without someone telling you.
  • Feeling guilty when someone else isn’t happy.
  • Choosing to take care of others over your own feelings.
  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt that don’t deserve it.
  • Knowing that you are strong.
  • Having a strong sense of self.
  • Knowing that you are strong when people call you emotional.
  • You have fear sometimes when you have to deal with other people. This can lead to anxiety and stress in your life. You leave yourself feeling vulnerable when you go into big groups.
  • You host your emotions for other people, but you are there to make them feel better even when they make you feel negative.