9 Signs of Clairvoyance


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Clear seeing, clear vision is known as clairvoyance.   Someone who has this ability to clear see is called a clairvoyant.  Not everyone who has this gift is able to use it as quickly or as deftly as seeing or hearing or any other sense.   It can be developed and polished, and should be cherished as the true gift it is.

Through clairvoyance we can look into our own souls and gain knowledge from the souls in the universe.

How do you know your gift is real?

Many people who have this gift often dismiss it as daydreaming or other mental wandering.   On the contrary,  clairvoyance comes from the right side of the brain, the same place as your creativity.  And while this is indeed where your imagination grows, it is through imagination that the clairvoyant makes sense of the images and ideas that appear to them.  Because clairvoyance is so connected to imagination, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the images as the truth they represent.


9 signs your clairvoyant abilities are opening up:

  1. Vivid dreams are a definite sign of clairvoyance
  2. Multiple episodes of daydreaming
  3. Feeling as if you are not a lone and visualizing a spirit sharing your space
  4. Precognitive dreams when sleeping or while meditating
  5. Seeing light flashes or blurry vision.
  6. Noticing things “in the corner of your eye.”
  7. The ability to explain things descriptively.
  8. Visualizing conversations as if they were movies
  9. Visualizing whole scenes about future occurrences

If you encounter any or all of the above, you may be gifted with inner vision.  Embrace your gift!

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