7 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate

7 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate

Everyone wants to find their soulmate. That one person they are meant to be with, that they feel completeness with, that person that makes them feel like they are home. There is more to it than just searching. After all, it’s not like you can go to a catalog and pick one out!

The first thing to understand is what a soulmate is. We all have this one perception, but in reality, a soul mate may not fit it. It could be a long lost friend that re-enters your life or a new person you’ve seen around but never have gotten a chance to know. The idea here is that you don’t need to do so much searching for a soul mate as you to prepare yourself to not miss an opportunity when that person crosses your path.

You must also remember that soul mates aren’t mystical. Many people have far too many expectations of them. The truth is life with a soul mate also has its problems. After all, you are two different people and each has a personality. That, in itself, will lead to an argument at some point.

The other thing to remember is that soul mates may not instantly connect. Sure, that is what people expect, but that could just be lust or infatuation. Soul mates sometimes take years to develop.

Ask any married couple married more than five years about what their spouse thinks on a subject. They will know. They have lived with them and understand them and their needs.

An example is on the once-popular show Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson comes in and instantly takes up a cup of sweet tea. He tells his granddaughter that shows understanding because his wife, Kay, had the tea ready for him before he walked in the door. She knew what he wanted before he even asked.

This is oneness and oneness is what creates soul mates. Sometimes, oneness doesn’t happen until you have been with each other for a few years. Like everything else, it can take time to develop and doesn’t come instantly.

There are some things you need to do to prepare yourself for this kind of loving relationship. Seven rules can get you started.

  1. Get rid of exes

You will never move forward if you continue to hang onto a past romance. You may find some comfort in keeping up with them, talking to them, or mooning over the last gift they gave you but none of that is doing you any good. Cut all ties to bring new love into your life.

  1. Forgive

There is likely someone who hurt you in the past and you may be holding onto the anger from that relationship. Learn to forgive them as well as yourself. You will never be able to give yourself to someone else if you have anger over someone who used to be in your life. Holding onto anger clogs the path for love and happiness. Let it go.

  1. Find peace

You may have had a bad day, bad month, bad year. Even so, you need to make peace with it to attract someone wanting to love you. Otherwise, you will not be receptive to love and could easily miss the cues that lead you to the right person. Find peace and happiness and receptive to good things in store for you and they will find it easier to come your way.

  1. Take care of yourself

We all want people to love us just the way we are and that’s great. However, we also need to show them just how worthy we are of being loved by taking care of ourselves. That includes dressing nicely, good hygiene, maybe some deep cleansing scrub or moisturizer. It could mean relaxing with a good book. In other words, take time for yourself. When you treat yourself well, you show others how you expect them to treat you.

  1. Take time to grow

Many people don’t find their soulmate because they get caught up in a cycle that goes nowhere. They aren’t growing emotionally or mentally. This is when a drastic change is needed. Create change by doing something different. Take a class or joining a community theater group. Pick up a hobby or go skydiving. Do something to rattle you out of your norm. That will do two things. It will get you out to meet people in a different social circle and it will bring excitement into your life that attracts other people.

  1. Remain open to all possibilities

This is a crucial element in finding a soul mate. After all, they could be anyone and having a closed mind could make you miss them. Sometimes, the best treasures are hidden in things we don’t like, so never dismiss anything. A place you don’t like, or a group that typically annoys you may be the exact place where you find your love. You won’t know unless you are curious enough to probe deeper.

  1. Light up the world

It is a lot easier to draw people to you if you are a shining beacon. Share love and happiness as best as you can. Volunteer to help others as much as you can. Live out your destiny. A soul mate can’t change you. Only you can change you, so learn to be the best person you can be so that you are ready for someone who is also the best they can be. With both of you at that level, you will teach and heal each other and make for a great image of true love.

There is no time like the present to get started. Be patient and realize that, even if you don’t meet your soulmate right away, the journey is worth it. The process will make you a better and happier person, regardless of who else is in your life.