7 Common Psychic Skills

7 Common Psychic Skills

Have you ever gotten a sudden sensation that has no tangible origin?  Maybe you get feelings in the pit of your stomach.  You might be able to taste an item you see in a magazine, or instinctively know facts about a person you just met.  These intuitive messages can be transmitted partially or in full.

What you are experiencing is natural and is one of seven common psychic senses known as “clairs.”  These psychic talents help connect our physical world, with our inner wisdom and the spiritual realm.  Every person has the ability to develop their dominant and subordinate gifts.

Understanding the Seven “Clairs”


Clear seeing: Probably the most well-known psychic talent, people skilled in this ability receive visions from the Universe.  Pictures are able to manifest in a clairvoyant’s third eye.  These visualizations can appear quickly as flashes or more detailed as if you are seeing a movie.  People may see colors, people, scenes, objects, symbols, spirits, or places.


Clear Hearing:  Messages are sent in form of sound directly into the third ear.  You might experience a phantom voice, or have a sudden song pop into your mind.


Sensing emotion:  Clairempaths get emotions transmitted to them directly by spirits.  This helps you understand the experience of another person more easily.  Their emotions of happiness, joy, elation, pride, sadness, anger and fear suddenly becomes yours.


Sensing feeling:  This can be experience as a feeling your gut.  You instinctively feel and sense positive and negative emotions.  Your guides send you these messages to either warn you that something bad is about to happen, or get a feeling of elation when something that will bring you happiness is about to occur.


Sense of smell:  Spirit sends messages through the form of a fragrance or odor, which cannot be detected by others.  These messages can be transmitted by a deceased loved one to confirm that they are nearby or at peace.


Sense of taste:  Messages come through as psychic taste.  Spirit provides information in the form of flavor that frequently correlates to aspects they enjoyed during their lifetime.


Touch or feeling:  Also called psychometry, messages are transmitted when you touch or hold an object.  This object reflects a personal connection to the owner and carries their vibrations within the material components of the item.  You can understand the personality of the owner and even receive information about what they are have, currently, or about to experience.

Psychics often possess one or more of the “clairs.” These gifts can be used singularly or in tandem.  One of the most common abilities is clairsentience due to prevalence of people reporting “gut feelings.”  Typically, people have one to three “clairs,” but in rare cases an individual possess all seven of these psychic senses.