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Experiencing the Spirit World

Experiencing the Spirit WorldOften, we find our lives to be chaotic and long for answer for our deepest questions.  Clairvoyance helps people tap into the Spirit World where love and peace are the guiding forces.  There is no time in the Spirt World and beings in this realm seek to be a comforting balm for the living.  Much of the minutia has become foggy to those who have crossed over, and their corporal life feels like a dream to them.

Since the Spirit World lacks time, schedules, and boundaries, opportunities are infinite.  A being who has crossed over is able to do, or be as much or as little as they want.  A soul is able to manifest their experiences based on the level of their consciousness and engrained values based on the spiritual development attained during their various physical lives.  In the Spirit World, one achieves what one believes and expects to happen.  Consciousness and one’s beliefs structure influences experiences and perceptions, and in turn, shapes how ‘reality’ is built on the Other Side.

The Other Side contains a level of unfathomable beauty.  Colors pulsate with immense vibrance and light.  Beings enjoy the same hobbies that they were passionate about on Earth.  They are able to reconnect with beloved family, friends and pets.  They enjoy delicious meals, make love and create fantastic art.  This is the Paradise and Heaven that has been spoken about for millennia.  Beings typically take on the appearance of a physical age where they felt the most gratified during their physical life, or when they can be most easily recognized by an Earthly loved one.

Since consciousness and enlightenment shape how one experiences the Spirit World, a soul with a more negative outlook with likewise have a more negative Afterlife.  This is frequently what religious text have described as Purgatory or even Hell.  However, no such place exists for the sole purpose of eternal suffering.  Through tapping into the innermost Love and Light of the Divine, this “lost soul” can process the more unpleasant, frightening and darker side of the Other World.  As they work through the blocks, the negativity with evaporate and they are then raised up by angels and their Spirit Guides into the higher frequency hum of Universal Bliss.

When a person initially begins to cross over, their state of spiritual consciousness will shape their bridge between the two worlds.  They may see key religious or spiritual figures that align with their concept of the Divine.  This earliest stage of spiritual reawakening is cording to what we believe to be the true in religion or spirituality.  However, regardless of creed or covenant, a soul will experience a Life Review.  A Life Review is the deeply personal, first-hand recollection of their emotions, effects and experience that their actions caused others to feel and experience during their Earthly life.  The review is an illuminating phenomenon blended with moments of bliss, joy, sorrow, pain and perhaps pride or remorse since it is   based on intentions or actions of one’s physical life.

The Spirit World is Heaven or Paradise.  Everyone returns there upon physical death.  In this space, the truth about one’s essence becomes radically evident.  For individuals with the lowest vibrations of consciousness, it can seem Hellish.  Luckily with awareness and acceptance of both love and grace, they can ascend upwards into Paradise.  Divine Love is unconditional as serve to promote the highest levels of peace, joy and harmony.  By working with this source of Light, souls can prepare to return to Earth School to learn more lessons about service to the Universe and further the goal of full enlightenment.

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