Thursday , March 2 2023


Why do People Look for Psychic or Clairvoyant Readings?

Life can be stressful, confusing and confronting at times. Nevertheless, most of us can manage the daily demands well, however, there will be times where we are facing problems that seem devastating and where we tend to look for guidance, seek insight and clarity from a psychic or clairvoyant. Some of us will seek …

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9 Signs of Clairvoyance

Clear seeing, clear vision is known as clairvoyance.   Someone who has this ability to clear see is called a clairvoyant.  Not everyone who has this gift is able to use it as quickly or as deftly as seeing or hearing or any other sense.   It can be developed and polished, …

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5 Simple Steps to Open the Third Eye

The third eye is our link to the unknown (some use terms “intuition” or “clairvoyance”). Anatomically it is related to the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. The pineal gland has a shape of a cone and is associated with clarity of thinking and clairvoyance. Images …

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How Psychics Can Help You in Relationship Troubles

  Do you remember when you used to get butterflies in your stomach just at the thought of being with that certain someone? You were suddenly breathless, and your heart thumped a lusty backbeat of desire. Your communication was reduced to little stuttery snippets, and your vocabulary dwindled to sappy, …

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5 Important Facts About Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Clairvoyance is one of the popular types of psychic readings that are practiced. Many people get help from the services of clairvoyance in order to solve the different problems of their life. There are many readers who now offer this type of consultation. The readers perform clairvoyant psychic readings in …

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Understanding Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance means ‘clear-seeing’. Almost everyone knows what clairvoyance is – it’s the ability to see Spirit through your third eye. Clairvoyants can see energy fields, spirits, symbols and get visual premonitions. It is often called ESP or extrasensory perception. For some clairvoyance is innate, while for most people it can …

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Increasing Your Clairvoyant Power

Too often psychic abilities and spirituality take on the connotation of evil and darkness.  This is a huge mistake.  This gift has nothing at all to do with bad spirits and feelings. On the contrary,  there is an inherent talent in all of us that connects us to the spirit …

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Curiosity has Power

We think of curiosity as something that is innate and inherent in each person, but it is also something that can be developed.  If we nurture it, we can use our curiosity to help us get through the mundane and dreary nature of day to day tasks. But where do …

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Are You a Clairvoyant?

Are you someone who would like to increase your trust in your own intuition? Or maybe you’ve a healing practitioner and would like to increase your abilities and enhance your current modality. In developing your clairvoyance or inner vision, you heal yourself. Using Clairvoyant energy tools support physical, emotional, mental …

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